Invisible Eyelashes: Seeing What is Closest to Us by Nikkyo Niwano

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Table of Contents

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Attitude Makes All the Difference Chapter 1: Joy and Discontent
  Chapter 2: Rose or Thorns
  Chapter 3: The Contents of Hotei's Sack
  Chapter 4: Gratitude
  Chapter 5: Looking into the Depths
  Chapter 6: Self-Awareness
Even Though You Believe You Are Right Chapter 1: Attitudes Can Easily Change
  Chapter 2: Flexibility of Mind
  Chapter 3: Desires in the Service of Virtue
  Chapter 4: If You Think You are the Most Important
  Chapter 5: Ask Yourself, "Is this All Right?"
The Elephants Steps Firmly Chapter 1: What Kind of Flower is Yours?
  Chapter 2: What Will Light Up Our Hearts?
  Chapter 3: The Right Length of a Meal
  Chapter 4: "All Work is the Buddha's Work"
  Chapter 5: One Million Recitations
  Chapter 6: The Ordinary Way
  Chapter 7: Cold Birds and Barrels of Oil
Be True to Yourself Chapter 1: A Buddha's Countenance Shows Through
  Chapter 2: The Key to a Radiant Smile
  Chapter 3: Knowing Your Role
  Chapter 4: Self-Esteem
  Chapter 5: Yielding will Teach You Magnanimity
  Chapter 6: There is a Future in Staying on the Path
The Two Functions of a Cell Chapter 1: The Pleasure of Doing a Good Deed
  Chapter 2: The Seven Offerings that Cost Nothing
  Chapter 3: And or Of?
The Wind Blowing from the Future Chapter 1: The Strong Winds of Early Spring
  Chapter 2: Courage that Opens Doors
  Chapter 3: "Even Insects Work and Eat"
  Chapter 4: Home is More than a Haven
  Chapter 5: Where Affection and Gratitude Begin
  Chapter 6: Forever Young at Heart
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