Lifetime Beginner: An Autobiograhy by Nikkyo Niwano

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Juzaemon's Place
Chapter 2: Things Learned Early
Chapter 3: Two Trips to Tokyo
Chapter 4: No Regrets
Chapter 5: The Time Was Not Wasted
Chapter 6: Two Eye Openings
Chapter 7: Founding
Chapter 8: Myoko Naganuma
Chapter 9: Pratical Approach
Chapter 10: An Account at the Pawnshop
Chapter 11: Growth in Spite of War
Chapter 12: Training and Trips
Chapter 13: In Jail
Chapter 14: Widening Fields
Chapter 15: In the Service of the Smallest
Chapter 16: Revelations
Chapter 17: All Came Home
Chapter 18: Living Apart
Chapter 19: Incalculable Loss
Chapter 20: From Without and Within
Chapter 21: A New Phase
Chapter 22: My Eldest Son
Chapter 23: Recovery and Invigoration
Chapter 24: In Other Lands
Chapter 25: New Structure
Chapter 26: An Act of Dedication
Chapter 27: Delegation for Peace
Chapter 28: A Starting Point
Chapter 29: Holy Places
Chapter 30: The Handshake of Pope Paul VI
Chapter 31: Unity the Goal
Chapter 32: Three Full Days
Chapter 33: Steps in the Right Direction
Chapter 34: The Open Gate
Chapter 35: The Brighter Society Movement
Chapter 36: Even a Small Lamp of Hope
Chapter 37: Memorable Visitors
Chapter 38: Steadiness
Chapter 39: Duty Before Personal Feelings
Chapter 40: Leuven
Chapter 41: Better Than Treasures or Traditions
Chapter 42: The Echo of "Excellent, Excellent"


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