Modern Meditations: A Buddhist Sampler by Nichiko Niwano

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Table of Contents

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Bringing Religion to Life Chapter 1: Practicing Faith
  Chapter 2: Discovering the Meaning of Practice
  Chapter 3: Finding Spiritual Satisfaction
  Chapter 4: Practicing Charity
  Chapter 5: Acquiring Virtue
  Chapter 6: Being Truly Happy
Making the Most of Ourselves Chapter 1: Taking Up Challenges
  Chapter 2: Remedying Shortcomings
  Chapter 3: Gaining Through Adversity
  Chapter 4: Knowing Ourselves
  Chapter 5: Developing Mental Flexibility
  Chapter 6: Learning to be Teachers
Building Harmony Chapter 1: Bringing Out the Best in Others
  Chapter 2: Understanding Others
  Chapter 3: Being Considerate
  Chapter 4: Guiding the Young
  Chapter 5: Raising Children
  Chapter 6: Balancing Work and Rest
  Chapter 7: Living with Nature
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