Reminiscences of Founder Nikkyo Niwano

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Smile
Chapter 2: Thoughtfulness
Chapter 3: Helping Others
Chapter 4: Prayer
Chapter 5: Reading and Recommending
Chapter 6: Teachings
Chapter 7: Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 8: Sutra Recitation
Chapter 9: Episodes Involving the Lotus Sutra
Chapter 10: Words of the Lotus Sutra Frequently Quoted by Founder Niwano
Chapter 11: Diligence
Chapter 12: Gratitude
Chapter 13: Founding Period
Chapter 14: Founding Period II
Chapter 15: Mrs. Naganuma, the Cofounder
Chapter 16: Encounters I - Pope Paul VI
Chapter 17: Encounters II - Pope John Paul II
Chapter 18: Encounters III - Dr. Dana M. Greeley, UUA President
Chapter 19: Encounters IV - Ms. Chiara Lubich. Focolare Movement Founder and President
Chapter 20: Encounters V - Mr. Zhao Puchu, Buddhist Association of China President
Chapter 21: Encounters VI - Ven. Etai Yamada, 253d Tendai Zasu
Chapter 22: Encounters VII - Sir John Templeton, Templeton Prize Founder
Chapter 23: Encounters VIII - Mr. Jimmy Carter, United States President
Chapter 24: Encounters IX - Mr. Varahagiri V. Giri, India President
Chapter 25: Encounters X - Mr. Gustav Heineman, West Germany President
Chapter 26: Encounters XI - Dr. Richard von Weizsacker, German President
Chapter 27: Dialogue I
Chapter 28: Dialogue II
Chapter 29: Meals
Chapter 30: Diary
Chapter 31: Staying Healthy
Chapter 32: Visiting the Sick
Chapter 33: The Great Sacred Hall
Chapter 34: Horin-kaku Guest Hall
Chapter 35: In the Second Group Pilgrimage Hall
Chapter 36: Youthful Days
Chapter 37: Mother
Chapter 38: Affection for His Wife
Chapter 39: Father and Son
Chapter 40: Brides
Chapter 41: Sacred Places of Shakyamuni Buddha
Chapter 42: Peace Pilgrimage
Chapter 43: To Young People
Chapter 44: Entering Nirvana
Chapter 45: Afterword
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Kosei - The Gift of Life. The Power to Live.

This series of articles was originally published in Japanese in 2000 under the title Kaiso Zuimonki: Egao no Ushirosugata.

Copyright © 2008 by Rissho Kosei-kai. All rights reserved.